Your Views for December 12

Why the drains?

The new addition of storm drains along Kawailani Street is hard to understand.


To my recollection, it hasn’t flooded there much, so why such a massive addition of water dry wells at a time when taxes are rising and global warming suggests less rain for Hawaii in the future?

Mike Frenz


Poem of advice

A country divided is a sad thing indeed; a true, honest leader we really do need.

But this is the season to hold family near, and bless what we have in the upcoming year.

Keep peace and acceptance in your heart; extend it with others, it’s a really good start.

Work hard to succeed in a worthwhile way; make yourself proud that you try every day.

And then it will be very clear, that you like the person you see in the mirror.

Cher Miles


Slow down

I am a resident and taxpayer in Hawaiian Paradise Park.

I am afraid of all the people who are speeding in HPP and the drivers speeding on Highway 130.

I am pleading for a flashing speed-monitoring sign of some kind on Highway 130 going to Pahoa and Hilo. PLEASE!

I think some think the speed limit is still 55 mph. I know it is now posted, but Sunday I had vehicles pass me going into Pahoa from Highway 130 very fast — spinning up rocks, even. It is like a race track out here!

We need more officers, please, and at least a couple of flashing speed limit electric signs, at least on Sundays and maybe Wednesdays.


Susan Hahn