Your Views for December 3

Step up Hele-On

The Hele-On bus system needs to be renewed and expanded so Big Island residents can depend on it to get to their jobs, classes and medical appointments on time.


This is not just about serving the community. Tourists would use the system if the bus would show up on time and have a direct route to and from the airport.

Also, having an adequate bus system will help us get on board with the Paris climate agreement. Former President Barack Obama made the agreement, so we should stand by it even if President Donald Trump doesn’t want to.

Our island can do its part by cutting back the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. This can be done by seriously stepping up our Hele-On bus system so individuals can use the bus instead of driving.

This is not going to be a quick fix, but we cannot wait another 20 years to make changes. It’s time to look at the public transportation problem and face the climate crisis.

Let’s invest in Hele-On to support our people and our planet.

Linda M. Johns Jr.


Get the kids moving

Whether you live in Havana, Hackensack, Hamburg or Hilo, community and school gardens are spreading and growing.

As environmentally conscious neighbors of the Boys &Girls Club, we would so appreciate if the club could revitalize, renew and regrow its garden.

Bordering on Laimana Street, this once-thriving plot is fertile, flat and safe.

Learning by doing/hands on is the way people of any age get the most value out of an experience. It’s fun and interactive. Wouldn’t you rather see children growing a garden than growing so attached to electronic devices?

Children, especially, are meant to move. Sitting excessively results in yet more childhood laziness and obesity.

Gary Harrold


Trump predictions

Here’s how this is going to play out.

Michael Flynn, former national security adviser, is going to testify that Donald Trump ordered him to contact Russia, in order to help put Trump in the White House in return for favors.

Vice President Mike Pence was at the meeting and knew about it.

Later, others in the inner circle also found out about it and took steps to protect everyone else.

This amounts to conspiracy against the United States of America with a foreign power. It was an attempt to circumvent our democracy.

As a real Republican and as a patriot, special counsel Robert Mueller will get indictments on all of Trump’s inner circle, including Trump and Pence.

Mueller will then go to the person next in line of succession. Mueller will tell Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he is going to indict Trump and Pence.

Ryan will start impeachment proceedings so that Trump cannot pardon anyone. Pence also will be impeached.

After Trump and Pence are ousted from office, Mueller will indict both of them.

Ryan will assume the position of president until the 2020 elections. The GOP will be forced to act in a Christian manner regarding the introduction and passage of bills until after the 2018 midterms, so that they will retain some positions.


Dennis Chaquette