Korean drama update for November 6

The Big Bang VIP Tour event at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center arena was nothing short of a great success.


The Big Bang VIP Tour event at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center arena was nothing short of a great success.

No other K-pop group of this caliber has ever come to Hawaii for a stand-alone event. The venue was packed with fans, and the most surprising fact was less than 10 percent of the audience was Korean and yet the entire audience was singing along with Big Bang’s songs in Korean. TOP, one of the popular members, was able to make the event at the last minute, making the experience complete.

This was a fan meeting, where five lucky seat numbers were randomly pulled from the audience for an interactive set of games with each member of Big Bang. The second half of the event was a concert, where the group sang their top songs.

The event proved to many that K-pop can be successful in Hawaii, and might lead to more events in the near future.

Big Bang was able to get some rest while staying at the Kahala Hotel as the last member departed on Oct. 27. Some parents of Big Bang members also were able to join their sons for a few days.


“Perfect Bride”

Episodes 1 and 2

6:30 p.m. today: The peace of the Shin household is destroyed with father Shin Joong-nyun’s retirement. Gab-soon and Gab-dol, who’ve been dating for a decade, take the relationship one step further. This causes Gab-dol to backpedal from the relationship in fear. 7:45 p.m. today: Gab-soon decides to take care of the matter on her own. Gab-dol has a change of heart and steps up to the plate. Jae-soon is in a state of confusion in her second marriage. Upon hearing about her sister Gab-soon’s state, her thoughts become more complicated.

“Scarlet Heart”

Episodes 13 and 14

7:45 p.m. Monday: King Wang Geon senses his days are numbered. Wang Geon discreetly asks Hae Soo to bring the Crown Prince. Hae Soo runs into Wang Wook and Wang Yo, and learns of their intentions to strike the king. She rushes to Wang So. 7:45 p.m. Tuesday: Wang So didn’t get to prepare a birthday gift for Hae Soo. Instead, he takes Hae Soo out for stargazing. Wang Yo makes a miraculous recovery and faces Wang Wook.

“Don’t Dare To Dream”

Episodes 17 and 18

7:45 p.m. Wednesday: At Na-ri’s sudden shocking suggestion that the three of them live together, Hwa-shin and Jung-won are put at edge. Regardless, their desire to win pushes them forward. Na-ri gets in trouble at the station and Hwa-shin helps her from behind the scenes. Jung-won takes steps toward marriage with Na-ri. 7:45 p.m. Thursday: Na-ri and Hwa-shin’s showdown-like evening passes. Na-ri learns there’s more to what she’s seen from Hwa-shin and Jung-won. Soo-jung shows up at Jung-won’s house, where the three of them live together.

“Happy Home”

Episodes 2 and 3


7:45 p.m. Friday: Se-ri presents the paternity test to the family, who won’t believe the child is Man-ho’s. The family is shocked by the news. Hae-ryung runs into Ji-gun at a convenience store. Somehow, Ji-gun feels familiar with Hae-ryung. 7:45 p.m. Saturday: Sook-nyo goes to talk to Se-ri, but Se-ri runs away at seeing her. Hae-ryung collapses at the hospital. At seeing Hae-ryung in that state, Hyun-ki tells her it’s time to let go.

This column is your source for updates on Korean dramas. Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD-TV on Oahu, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles.