Korean drama update for April 17

The South Korean government earlier this month declared a war — a war on sugar — in an attempt to curb rising diabetes and obesity.


The South Korean government earlier this month declared a war — a war on sugar — in an attempt to curb rising diabetes and obesity.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety started a four-year campaign to reduce the intake of sugar. The South Korean government suggests a daily average intake limited to 17 sugar cubes, or about 68 grams, basically 10 percent or less of a person’s daily intake.


“My Daughter, Sawol”

Episodes 13 and 14

6:30 p.m. today: While Man-hoo questions Dukyeh, he becomes furious with the reporters that are all over Mary’s scandal. Sawol is offered a proposal by Hyesang to join Chan-bin’s project. 7:45 p.m. today: Hyesang negotiates with Man-hoo, with Chan-bin on the table. Sawol confronts Dukyeh. Hyesang freaks out over O-wol’s existence.

“The Royal Gambler”

Episodes 1 and 2

7:45 p.m. Monday: One man, with nothing to live for, puts his life at stake. Another man bets his crown. Man-geum’s gambling addiction becomes more toxic. Bok-soon’s frustration mounts as Man-geum’s debt increases and she feels entrapped in their marriage. Gambling house Madam Hong-mae hands Man-geum a bundle of money when he tells her he’d bet his wife if necessary. Bok-soon is dragged away on her way home and meets Yi In-jwa. Yi In-jwa hands her the bundle of money. 7:45 p.m. Tuesday: Man-geum returns home devastated, losing his wife in a bet. Yi In-jwa waits for him. Yi In-jwa informs him that his opponent at the gambling house was the king. Man-geum asks the king to play another game. Bok-soon gives birth to a child, raising suspicion over the identity of the child’s father. This puts the child’s life in a precarious state. Bok-soon sends the child to Man-geum.

“Come Back Alive”

Episodes 13 and 14

7:45 p.m. Wednesday: Hae-joon finds Han-na after seeing the memo left by her, and spends a special day with her. Da-hye remembers her time with Young-soo nine years ago, and realizes that she’s still in love with him. She tells Hae-joon how she still feels about Young-soo. Yi-yeon sees Gi-tak’s interview in a magazine and her feelings for Gi-tak grows. 7:45 p.m. Thursday: Hae-joon and Hong-nan tries to sever their bad ties with Cha Jae-gook and Na Suk-chul, thereby securing their loved ones’ welfare before going back. The truth about Gi-tak’s death comes close to the surface. Hae-joon gathers Gi-tak’s men to save Hong-nan. Hong-nan is nursed by Yi-yeon, and is glad to see Yi-yeon in good spirits.

“Mrs. Cop”

Episodes 11 and 12


7:45 p.m. Friday: Yoon-jung loses evidence due to Lee Ro-joon’s trickery. Team 1 starts the investigation again from the beginning, going after the suspect who discarded Ha Seung-woo’s corpse. They wait for witness Lee Hae-in to regain consciousness. Lee Ro-joon locates a patient, an EL Capital creditor, and schemes to cover up his crime yet again. 7:45 p.m. Saturday: Jong-ho and Sang-chul go undercover as drug dealers to arrest Yang Jung-man. Team 1 makes a major arrest on Yang Jung-man and his gang. Lee Ro-joon watches the news on the arrest and how the investigation will lead to financial worlds. Yet another person becomes a victim, as Lee Ro-joon tries to cover up his crime on EL Capital.

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