Korean drama update for December 27

It was an honor for me to meet fellow Roosevelt alumni Roy Sakuma, founder of the Ukulele Festival and teacher.


It was an honor for me to meet fellow Roosevelt alumni Roy Sakuma, founder of the Ukulele Festival and teacher.

When we found out about our Rough Rider connection, Roy immediately opened up, telling me about his youth and hardships. He is a highly desired public speaker and has touched the hearts of many local students who are troubled with their lives contemplating suicide.

Roy’s real life story helps him connect with the students, many who end up hugging him at the end of his speech or writing him letters of appreciation. Roy’s mother was mentally ill, he was made fun of, he dropped out of school at 16 and he was hurt, until his friend made him realize how hurtful words can be.

Roy also mentioned that there are so many things in life now that are about “I,” such as the Internet, iPhone and iPad. I had to mention to his astonishment that the Korean language and culture is a more collective versus the individual.

For example, Koreans will say “our country” versus my country, “our mother” versus my mother, “our teacher” versus my teacher. The Korean word is “woori,” it means our, we, us.

Roy hopes to visit Korea one day soon and try the many Korean foods. I am certain the ukulele master will be more than welcomed, as the ukulele quickly is becoming popular in South Korea.


“The Legendary Witches”

Episodes 21 and 22

6:30 p.m. today: After the opening of Magic Bakery, the staff happily carries out their tasks. Suspicious of Woo-seok, Chairwoman Ma looks into Woo-seok’s background. 7:45 p.m. today: Ang-ran takes to bed when she finds out Bo-kyung is the mom of the baby. Joo-ran tells people that the Magic Bakery workers are fellow former inmates. Chairman Ma panics when he finds out Woo-seok is actually Jin-woo and tries to send him on an overseas business trip.

“Root of the Throne”

Episodes 17 and 18

7:45 p.m. Monday: Juk-ryong decides to side with Hong In-bang, and Yeon-hee convinces Cho Young to stand with Yi Sung-Gye. Hong In-Bang tries to run away by boat but is captured when Dae-Geun betrays him. Gil Tae-mi tries to leave Gaegyung, but Yi Bang-ji finds him first. 7:45 p.m. Tuesday: Yi Ban-ji and Gil Tae-mi have a showdown in the middle of a busy street. Gil Sun-mi witnesses his brother’s last moments. Hong In-bang and Gil Tae-mi’s remnants are arrested. But Boon-Yi is surprised to see Dae-geun alive. Juk-ryong makes a deal with General Choi Young and hands him the secret ledger.

“Run for Tomorrow”

Episodes 1 and 2 of 2

7:45 p.m. Wednesday: It’s year 2005. Moon-jae (Lee Hyun-woo) and Yoo-jung decide to run away together. But the two get into an auto accident and Yoo-jung suddenly disappears. And Moon-jae suddenly finds himself in year 2015. 7:45 p.m. Thursday: Moon-jae is thrown into more confusion when he meets a boy who calls him “Dad.” He also meets Yoo-jung, but she’s so much older. He also finds his father Ga-deuk in a vegetative state. To turn back time, Moon-jae must find Ga-deuk’s book.

“Life Chaser”

Episodes 1 and 2 of 2


7:45 p.m. Friday: Lee Jae-gu (Park Yong-woo) is a labor law specialist who barely ekes out a living taking care of small cases. He befriends Tae-soo on one of the cases, but suddenly Tae-soo gets involved in a suspicious auto accident and falls into coma. 7:45 p.m. Saturday: Jae-gu finds out Tae-soo was treated unfairly at work and decides to investigate Tae-soo’s accident. Yeon-hee (Yoo Sun) Tae-soo’s wife also helps with Jae-gu’s investigation.

This column is your source for updates on Korean dramas. Jeff Chung is general manager of KBFD-TV on Oahu, which televises Korean dramas with English subtitles.