Roadblocks to relicensing push some drivers to illegal behavior

A bureaucratic barrier, a lack of adequate state statutes and the sluggish pace at which county Departments of Motor Vehicles process road tests have created a glitch in the driver’s relicensing process that’s incentivizing thousands of Hawaii residents to break the law every year.

Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead of election

The prognosis for President Donald Trump and his party was grim. In a post-Labor Day briefing at the White House, a top Republican pollster told senior staff that the determining factor in the election wouldn’t be the improving economy or the steady increase in job creation. It would be how voters feel about Trump.

Elderly man dies in Hilo house fire

A man believed to be in his mid- to late-70s was found dead Saturday in the rubble of a home destroyed by a mid-morning fire in downtown Hilo.