Friday | July 01, 2016
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Hawaii state shooting results

Held in February at Hawaii County trap and skeet range

Pacific International Trap Association 10th anniversary handicap (50 targets)

Long-yardage champion: Rick Morgan, 49

Mid-yardage champion: Warren Aniya, 44 (won shootout with Colby Croft and Ted Troutman)

Short-yardage champion: Delance Wiegele, 49

Junior champion: Carl Tanabe, 48

Veteran champion: Grant Lau, 48

Lady champion: Lisa Simpson, 45

Kona singles (52 shooters)

Champion: Rick Morgan, 100 (won coin toss with Mark Hironaga)

A: Mark Hironaga, 100

B: Warren Aniya, 96 (won shootout with Carl Tanabe)

C: Sidney Akiona, 98

D: Nicholas Corbat, 96

Hilo handicap (49 shooters)

Champion: Carl Tanabe, 96

Runner-up: Jordan Hara, 93

Lady champion: Lisa Simpson 91 (won shootout with Avery Simpson)

Kohala doubles

Champion: Ron Stubbings, 99

A: Rich Evans, 97

B: Rick Morgan, 94

C: Le Rodenberg, 94

D: Nicholas Corbat, 90

Hawaii state singles championship

Champion: Ron Stubbings, 198

Hawaii resident champion: Nicholas Corbat, 196

A: Zach Keller, 196

B: Le Rodenberg, 193

C: Jordan Hara, 192

D: Neil Arakaki, 187

Lady champion: Lisa Simpson, 196

Junior champion: Carl Tanabe, 189

Veteran champion: David Poseley, 195 (won shootout with Art Fenton and Grant Lau)

Hawaii state doubles championship

Champion: Richard Evans, 99

Hawaii resident champion: Jordan Hara, 97

A: Spud Storey, 96

B: Todd Simpson, 94

C: Mark Hironaga, 94

D: Guy Davis, 85

Lady champion: Lisa Simpson, 86 (won shootout with Melissa Craig)

Junior champion: Nicholas Corbat, 91

Veteran champion: Ron Stubbings, 95

Hawaii state handicap championship

Champion: Ron Stubbings, 98

Hawaii champion: Darryl Quiocho, 97

Runner-up: Nicholas Corbat, 96

Lady champion: Krista Morgan, 92

Junior champion: Carl Tanabe, 91

Veteran champion: Le Rodenberg, 91

Overall high

Champion: Ron Stubbings, 672/700

Hawaii champion: Jordan Hara, 662/700

A: Rich Evans, 659/700

B: Carl Tanabe, 642/700 (won forfeit with Warren Aniya)

C: Mike Tompkinson, 644/700

D: Neil Arakaki, 620/700

Junior champion: Nicholas Corbat, 658/700

Lady champion: Lisa Simpson, 628/700

Veteran champion: Grant Lau, 647/700

All-around high

Champion: Ron Stubbings, 391/400

Hawaii champion: Jordan Hara, 383/400 (won shootout with Nicholas Corbat)


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