Thursday | May 05, 2016
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Your Views for August 14

Guns are tools

I am writing this letter in response to Mr. Rodrigo Romo’s letter on “Gun control needed” in Sunday’s letters to the editor.

In your comments, you stated that you were not an anti-gun liberal, but your comments about what types of guns or weapons … a person should be allowed to have, and where they should or shouldn’t be allowed, paints a different picture about you.

What part of “The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed” do you not understand? Any restrictive gun laws only hurt the law-abiding and sounds like an infringement to me. In your statement, you stated that you were against people having weapons out on the street. So does that mean that you would want to disarm the general populace, including our police officers and sheriff’s deputies?

In the United States, there are more deaths attributed to automobile accidents than to any other type of weapon. Would you want to restrict cars from streets? A car is a tool, and it is something that needs to be acted upon and controlled in order for it to move. You put fuel into the tank for it to be able to drive; would you restrict the amount of fuel a person can buy to cut down on traffic related deaths?

Just like a car, a gun and ammunition are just tools. Loaded guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Should we restrict people?

Francis Blas Jr.

Mountain View

Show me the money

(Regarding the recent letters about Safeway’s prices): Perhaps Safeway can release their income tax returns.

Kevin J. Bradley

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Excellent service

Last week, I took a sick stray cat to our Humane Society. The cat and I were treated with the utmost kindness and respect, and the suffering cat was given a merciful death. Thank you to these fine people who do their best for all animals. There are always critics such as Mr. Frank Battaglia (Your Views, Aug. 11). I urge all these critics to volunteer time or donate supplies!

Bev Russell



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