Tuesday | December 01, 2015
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Ke Ala Pono-Hilo appoints director

Ke Ala Pono-Hilo, a private intensive outpatient addiction treatment facility serving Hilo since 2000, has appointed Dayna Gaitan as its interim clinical director. Gaitan has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for seven years, working her way through the ranks as an effective certified substance abuse counselor to her current role as interim clinical director. She will complete her Master’s in Counseling Psychology next month.

“Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family,” said Gaitan. “So our clinic works to engage and educate the family as well as the individual in the treatment process. This medically recognized brain disease also knows no prejudice and is not reserved for the lower socio-economic ranks. Because there are many grant-funded programs in Hilo, our private program has established an evening program to treat the working person and allow them to receive treatment in their home community, stabilize and return to work or school.”

Medical Director Gerald McKenna, M.D., is dually board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine.


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