Sunday | June 26, 2016
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Navigator to speak at ‘Imiloa

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center’s spring Wayfinding Talk at 7 p.m. Friday will feature navigator Kalepa Baybayan in a talk on “He Lani Ko Luna, He Honua Ko Lalo, Sky Above, Earth Below.”

Baybayan will discuss the upcoming Polynesian Voyaging Society Worldwide Voyage and its mission to “Malama Honua,” or care for the Earth. As they prepare to sail throughout the South Pacific, come learn how the wayfarers will navigate without the North Star to guide them. His talk will also cover deep sea voyaging, exploration and oceanic wayfinding, the indigenous system of orientation and navigation at sea.

“The art of wayfinding includes a vast knowledge of astronomy, ocean sciences, meteorology, environmental sciences, and cultural perspectives, integrated in an understanding of how the environment around you works,” stated Baybayan. “Studying these disciplines helps to organize my surroundings in the open ocean.”

In the planetarium, Baybayan will orientate the audience to the Oceanic night sky. He has been an active participant in the Polynesian voyaging renaissance since 1975 and has sailed on all major voyages of Hokule‘a and Hawai‘iloa throughout the South Pacific and the Pacific Rim.


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