Friday | November 24, 2017
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‘Hypernova! The Origin of Gamma Ray Bursts’ is tonight

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center’s Christopher Phillips will lead a “Hypernova! The Origin of Gamma Ray Bursts” program at 7 p.m. today.

Gamma ray bursts are some of the most energetic and enigmatic events in the universe. Mostly found billions of light years from Earth, they have puzzled astronomers since their discovery in the late 1960s.

Since then, observations by ground- and space-based telescopes have yielded amazing new discoveries about these cosmic catastrophes and introduced us to some of the most extreme physics in the cosmos.

We have come to know these violent outbursts of energy signal a new phase in the evolution of a star and birth of some of the universe’s most extreme and enigmatic objects.

To understand the gamma ray burst, one must first understand the life of a star from birth, to death and beyond.

Join Chris Phillips as he journeys into the lives of some of the universe’s most remarkable inhabitants, and discover the extreme nature of the “hypernova.”

Originally from the United Kingdom, Phillips works domestically and internationally as an astronomy educator and professional science communicator.

He is now based at ‘Imiloa, and is also the voice of Hawaii Public Radio’s “Stargazer” segment. As part of his post graduate research at The Open University, UK, Christopher is engaged in the study of the role of science in society and current scientific controversies in astronomy.

Admission is $10.


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