Tuesday | December 12, 2017
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Your Views for November 25

Superb journalism

Allow me to begin by commending the Tribune-Herald on its very informative article in their Sunday, Nov. 12, edition, along with the excellent inclusion of a special section, “Stars Over Maunakea,” all in regard to the history and future of astronomical study and observation on Maunakea. It was a superb piece of journalism, representing views and opinions for all sides of the issue.

I now continue with my own personal opinion.

I am an adamant proponent of the construction and completion of the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope on its proposed sight on Maunakea. This project can be one of the largest and advanced telescopic ventures in the history of man’s astro-intrigue and studies.

With its completion and potential of discovery, I would tend to believe all Hawaiians, native or not, should be quite proud. Galileo himself would be ecstatic.

Yet, I do see a comparative difference between this example and, say, the intentional defacing of the Lakota Sioux’s sacred Paha Sapa (Black Hills) in South Dakota in the sculpting of Mount Rushmore. This “monument” was merely created to honor the leaders of a conquering and oppressive nation, a blatant insult of sacrilege upon this hallowed native ground.

The TMT on Maunakea has no comparison to this. After all, there already exists 13 operating and productive observatories on Maunakea. One more, and the supreme of its kind, is not a degrading egotistical insult of blasphemy upon the tradition of the indigenous cultures, but a superb opportunity for the benefit of all mankind worldwide.

I compose this letter for “Yours Views,” and this happens to be mine. I do appreciate your allowing me to voice it.

Patrik Arthur

Mountain View


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