Sunday | May 01, 2016
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Your Views for July 8

Move ‘hate truck’

Any day of the week driving through Hilo on Kinoole Street, we are forced to see the huge billboards on the “so-called reverend” James G. Borden’s hate truck.

He has images of both President Obama and President Clinton hanging by their necks in his idea of post-revolution USA. He hates ALL Muslims and professes his strong desire to “kill all Muslim cockroaches.” He is a very disturbed sociopath with lots of guns and hatred for our government. Why is he not required to move his truck to private property?

I know about First Amendment rights, but his Facebook page and his hate truck look and sound like terroristic threatening to me. Everyone I know agrees. He is right by the children’s playground, and he should be forced to move his truck to his home.

He threatens the life of our president on a daily basis.

Wake up, Hilo. Throw this bum off of our streets!

Sherri Patton


Best we can do?

To you, Hawaii County Council members, you make me shame.

Since I’ve been away from my beloved home (been living in Kaneohe for the last 15 years), I have seen this council pass laws and regulations that literally baffle the mind. My dear Big Island friends, are these people the best you can do?

Now, the latest: Raising the age to buy cigarettes to 21.

So, I’m 18. I join the military and spend a six-month tour in Afghanistan. I come back home to Hilo missing a leg, with my face disfigured. BUT I need to wait until I turn 21 to buy a pack of cigs. How dare you insult our brave young military with a moronic law such as this. Shame on you.

And Billy (Kenoi): I’m shocked that you fell for this crap. Auwe!

Kawika Crowley


Walk the talk

I read with dread and discouragement Tuesday’s report of Gov. Abercrombie’s encouragement of Big Islanders to embrace geothermal development. This is in the face of a May report from the EPA of 14 Clean Air Act infractions from our one existing geothermal site, 11 of which are remedied, but it still failed to follow maintenance schedules and testing geothermal wells.

How is that encouragement in keeping with good leadership, and what does it say about who is funding his ruler-ship? I would remind the governor that the Puna District is one of the fastest population growth areas in Hawaii.

Please do not put us at risk, nor the ocean at risk, for this loosely controlled enterprise.

Walk your talk, governor, and quit talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Wendy Westlake



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