Friday | November 17, 2017
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Your Views for July 18

Mostly wonderful

Due to the wide-open area between the musicians and the audience at the Slack Key Music festival, people who were moving around on the floor were distracting. I missed the intimacy of last year’s chairs on the floor, being closer to the stage.

One thing that I noticed was the number of musicians and dancers who walked out during the following performer’s set. One even picked up his CDs from a sales table before he left.

Most notable was the respect and humility that Cyril Pahinui showed, playing his set, sitting and watching the performers, joining Aunty Diana Aki on stage (what a treat!), then sitting back down to watch. I hope other performers will learn from his good manners.

And mahalo nui to John Keawe and his ‘ohana (who also politely remained in the audience after their performance), Aunty Diana and all those who traveled a long way through the heavy rain to share their special talents with us in Hilo. I thoroughly enjoyed the great music and appreciate the organizers of this wonderful event.

Dorothy Malinski


To ‘Sign Guy’

In response to some recent letters about this topic: Yes, I agree that the guy with the disgusting signs at Lincoln Park has the right to free speech.

He also has the right to get a job. I mean, really — who has that much time to sit around a park?

Dear “Sign Guy”: Perhaps getting a job might be a better way to contribute to society?

A. Yamamoto


Please vote!

As a U.S. citizen and retiree born and raised in the state of Hawaii, I deeply believe in and respect the value of the “melting pot” of cultures in Hawaii and the values that each culture contributed to that pot.

Progress will prevail, pro or con, for the communities in Hawaii, but our voices of concern for our livelihood and for our children and future generations can be best heard through our elected political candidates.

My wife and I are trying to get more involved in our say by campaigning for our candidates through sign-waving. As we wave signs, one of our thoughts is: How many of the drivers we see are actually going to cast their vote on the ballots?

I’m humbly asking and reminding each of you to please make time to vote in the primary and general elections!

R. Kubo



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