Saturday | December 16, 2017
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Your Views for December 2

A poem of sorts

I would like to write an open letter to Mayor Harry Kim regarding issues going on at our local beaches.

Mayor Kim: Don’t let the tour bus come where I swim, where strangers come take pictures of me and my family. I came to relax and let the keiki swim, but now I see private tours coming in where I swim.

Mayor Kim: You were born here just like me. Remember how it used to be? Now think about our little keiki. I’m asking you, please, can you do something for me? Help us preserve our Hawaii-ality; don’t let the tour bus come down where I swim!

You see, they took the best beaches for those big hotels, oceanfront mansions and condominiums. All I got in Hilo is this one stretch of beach, it’s just pahoehoe and ocean reef.

Mayor Kim: We no mind they go rent a car if they like drive down Keaukaha and come hang out where we are — howzit, brah! But when they come in a bus and make a tour out of us, I got to make a fuss because enough, it’s too much! Don’t let the tour bus come down where I swim.

We got no parking space and a two-stall bathroom, one we got to change in because the others are just too small. When we pau shower we gotta wait in line, they leave our bathroom messy every time!

Mayor Kim: Now they are driving in King’s Landing; you and I know what is going happen if you don’t do something to stop them. I’m just an island girl, simple as can be, but I think we deserve a little local privacy; don’t let the tour bus come down where I swim!

Jojo Tavares


Cut spending

Tax cuts (or reform, which we are far from) are a good idea.

But to balance the budget, politicians must also cut government spending. There aren’t many talking about that.

Hello! It’s simple: Don’t spend more than you bring in. Duh!

Fred Fogel



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