Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Your Views for August 21

Fire Nago

Chief election officer Scott Nago must go from the elections department.

His statement — “we were doing our job” — is a typical bureaucratic response when a problem arises.

He had no regard for either the voters’ rights or fairness to the candidates. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa had the right idea and, in my opinion, Judge Greg Nakamura made the correct decision and his comments were right on the mark.

There was no reason to rush the supplemental election because they had a window of 21 days.

Fire Nago and get someone competent in there.

Bob Dukat


A lot of work ahead

The Election Commission (or perhaps politicians) have some work to do.

First, they don’t seem to understand what the term “illegal” means. A politician must live in the district they represent. It’s a pretty simple concept. But if a person doesn’t file a complaint within a limited amount of time, it’s OK if a candidate lives outside the district.

A sixth-grader could find fault with that logic. Why not vet all candidates rather than putting the onus on the public to complain?

Second, releasing partial election results can (and very well might) influence the result of an election. That’s why no election results are released in Hawaii until all the polls close — at least until two weeks ago, when someone in their infinite wisdom saw fit to release the partial results of three elections yet to be decided: U.S. Senate, State House (District 4, Puna) and County Council (District 4, Puna).

If all people have not had the chance to vote, don’t release the results. What’s so hard about that concept?

The Election Commission (or perhaps politicians) has some work to do. Unfortunately, we can only hope they’ll do it.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Fred Fogel


Puna’s best

A big mahalo to all of those people who stepped up to help others in need in the aftermath of Iselle.

All of you who have offered free water, ice, food and transportation to your neighbors and those who continue to work to restore power and clear roadways, thank you.

You are our unsung heroes, the very best of Puna.

Theresa Doran



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