Wednesday | June 29, 2016
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Your Views for August 13

Tree concerns

Thankfully, we avoided major problems with (Tropical Storm) Iselle. We did, however, have a serious man-made problem here in Hamakua.

I have been watching the cute little eucalyptus saplings grow into 100-foot trees in less than 20 years.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see the problem with planting trees close to the highway and power lines.

Whoever was in charge needs a good spanking.

If you expected the trees to be 100 feet tall, they should have been planted 100 feet away. I would like for the tree people to make it their high priority to harvest all those fields first that are close to infrastructure.

There will continue to be a domino effect of trees falling. Thanks to HELCO for working late hours to get everyone back online. Why are they having to cut these trees, and will our electric rates go up because of mismanaged planting?

Edie Bikle


Mayor is MIA

This huge storm has come and gone, and everybody is pitching in. I’m curious … has anyone heard from Billy (Kenoi)?

Reed Vallance


Four lessons

OK, what have we learned from (Tropical Storm) Iselle?

1. Never say never: There’s a first time for everything. Cliché? Yes, but how many were left unprepared?

2. Elections held on the day after a hurricane, where voters cannot get to the polls, must be postponed for all voters in the area affected, not just part. Voter turnout is traditionally poor in primaries, so the least we can do is honor the candidates with a healthy chance.

3. Maybe we can now focus our primary efforts on the war on albizia trees. These dangerous beauties were the major cause of the damage from Iselle. Puna looks like a war zone, and this is totally unnecessary. Time to rid the island of this hazard, for once and for all.

4. We must have unlimited gratitude for everyone who stepped up to kokua. Neighbors with chainsaws, folks riding around handing out bags of ice and water, not to mention all the professionals who rushed in to do the job of cleaning up this mess.

The deepest mahalos go out to you all.

Dawn Hurwitz


Got compassion?

Where’s the mayor? Why haven’t we seen him more on TV, radio and in the Tribune-Herald?

Does he not need Puna any more because he’s already into his second term?

I have to believe that had Harry (Kim) been elected, he’d be out there removing fallen trees and delivering water to those in need.

Or at least he’d be expressing concern and offering kind words.

Seems to me, a little compassion would go a long way right now.

A. Yamamoto



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