Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Your Views for August 10

Pele vs. hurricanes

Iselle and her brother Julio conspired to attack Pele and take over her sacred domain.

The plan was to attack Pele from two sides and extinguish her power over the Big Island.

Iselle was the first to gather her forces for battle. She amassed her forces, rising to an impressive power. An ominous force to be feared. Meanwhile, her brother Julio was preparing his power for the second wave of the invasion. Iselle and Julio set sail to conquer this land. A paradise to be had. The plan was now in play.

Iselle would come right down Hilo Bay, causing immense devastation. Pele would be drawn out of her well-fortified domain in Halemaumau crater to battle Iselle in order to protect her honorable people. Julio would then come in fast through Puna to flank Pele and cut off her retreat to Halemaumau crater.

The plan was agreed upon and the logistics were set in motion. Iselle and Julio brimmed with confidence. Finally, they would have a land domain! When they defeated the all powerful Pele, no one would dare confront them!

What Iselle and Julio did not know was Pele had gotten wind of this amassing of hostile forces from her sister, Namaka, and was amassing her own power base inside Halemaumau crater. While Pele knew of forces gathering against her, she did not know of the plan against her.

Iselle approached Hilo Bay. She was surprised to see Pele on the ridge at Kaumana ready to defend it. There would be no surprise attack today.

Iselle hesitated, her followers that possessed weak character dispersed. Iselle’s power decreased in strength. Iselle conferred with Julio about Pele’s presence above Hilo. It was decided that Iselle would now attack from the south and draw Pele toward her. Then Julio would come down Hilo Bay to cut off Pele’s retreat. Julio assured Iselle that he could amass forces in excess of category 3.

Iselle now changed course and approached Puna. Pele struck before Iselle could gain strength. Pele unleashed a 4.5 magnitude earthquake that shattered the confidence of Iselle’s forces. Iselle’s power dropped to a single magnitude by the time she got to Puna.

Pele was ready. She battled Iselle from the volcanic cliffs at Kupapau. It was a battle of frontal attacks, flanking attempts and diversionary skirmishes. Pele thwarted all attacks. She intentionally left her eastern flank unprotected. Iselle was losing strength and was not gaining ground. Julio was too far away to help. Iselle attacked the eastern flank and moved in decisively.

She would send her flanking forces to devastate Hilo. Iselle was not going to be outmaneuvered. This is what Pele had hoped. Iselle’s forces were going to sweep over Hilo, hold off Pele until Julio could come and finish her off.

Iselle hit the twin peaks of Mauna Loa and the massive Mauna Kea. Pele fought them from the summits of the two peaks. Namaka again provided important information; Julio was too far away to help his sister.

Julio was dangerous, still at category 3. Pele had to end Iselle’s ability to do battle before Julio could overwhelm her. Pele pushed back from Mauna Loa and drove through Iselle’s attacking flank. Pele pushed harder and split Iselle’s forces. Half of Iselle’s forces were now trapped on the mountain’s slopes. Pele vanquished the forces that were around Hilo.

Now Iselle’s position was in dire need of reinforcement. A message was sent to Julio asking for a fast approach to Hilo to again make it a two-front battle. Namaka was able to intercept the messenger and sent her own in its place. The message Julio received read: “All is lost, Pele is shredding my forces. Approach at your own risk.”

Julio ran north from Pele and the Big Island, never to be heard from again. Pele continued her assault on Iselle’s remaining forces until Iselle fled west.

Note: My Son Lives in Wainaku. I had not heard from him, so I wrote this to keep my mind off the hurricanes.

Craig Moore

King of Prussia, Penn.


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