Wednesday | June 29, 2016
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Your Views for April 18

Why are they free?

This is an open letter to Mitch Roth, prosecuting attorney, Hawaii County: It’s another Sunday morning and I am reading my Tribune-Herald, Big Island Report, citizens arrested and charged.

I always look in interest at the number of DUIs arrests and the number of those who are repeat offenders. They are driving with license suspended, no insurance, refusing a sobriety test, excessive speeding, reckless driving and other violations of the law.

Why are they still driving? These criminals are at high risk for killing innocent people on the roads. What will it take to get them off the streets and in jail for life, if they are habitual offenders? New laws, or enforcing the existing laws?

It’s one thing for a first-time offense, but for those who willfully ignore the law and continue to pose a life-ending risk to all of Hawaii’s drivers, they should spend very long terms in prison.

Who is responsible for allowing them to be free and to drive drunk again and again? The courts? The parole boards? The County Council? The prosecuting attorney’s office? Who?

The police are to be commended for doing their job by arresting them. Where is the breakdown?

What can we as citizens do to get them out of vehicles and into prison, where they belong? If they continue to put our citizens at risk, they should be locked away for LIFE because it won’t be long before more innocent men, women and children will be killed by one of them, and we will all read about the senseless tragedy that could have been prevented.

Why are they still driving and not in jail?

Kurt Shanaman


Be kind to animals

I had the chance to visit the beautiful town of Hilo a month ago. The island and the people were just beautiful.

I’m writing to you about something that is so dear to my heart: Animals!

I could not believe the number of people who leave their dogs tied up in the fenced-in yard without any human interaction. I was just heartbroken to see this. They are left outside 24/7. It’s a sad and lonely life for one of God’s creatures. This truly is animal abuse and is punishable with a fine.

Please, people of Hilo, if you can’t treat your dog with more love and kindness, give him or her to another family. Just because that cute little puppy is now an adult dog doesn’t mean it doesn’t want your love and affection.

Debra O’Boyle



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