Tuesday | January 24, 2017
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The progressive war on equality

Progressives have a new Armageddon, namely income inequality, and, yes, there are some things to be worried about, not least of all what the progressives themselves will do about it. In the end, you see, many are not really egalitarian at all. They are instead condescending, disdainful, neo-aristocrats who think the ordinary Joe and Jane cannot tie their own shoes without help from Washington.

Mighty mistakes from such stunted attitudes grow. And while you might say that you’ve never heard liberal politicians talk like that, large numbers of them definitely act like that even as they avoid the sneering, haughty outlandishness of celebrity liberals seeking attention instead of votes.

Michael Moore, the maker of doltish documentaries lucky to get a single fact straight, once said we were “the dumbest people on the planet,” that our “stupidity is embarrassing” and even wrote a book called “Stupid White Men … And Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation.” Actually, the book did prove that some slow-witted folks are out there. It made the best-seller list.

Then you come to Bill Maher, the TV comedian who doesn’t rattle on just a little about American stupidity, but rattles on to the point of inanity about American stupidity. I happen to agree that a great many Americans are ill-informed, but I also think they are often the ones that vote for left-wing Democrats and that just as big a threat are ideologues who don’t know beans about the real world. Maher is one of those who would like to see something like Medicare for everyone without apparently understanding that Medicare is one of the most frightening fiscal threats this country now has. Would he treat obesity with more sugar in the diet?

On his TV show, Maher does not indulge his bigotry single-handedly, sometimes calling on small-name celebrities to chip in. One was guest David Carr, a liberal New York Times columnist who used the phrase “low-sloping foreheads” to refer to Midwesterners.

Any number of writers have that kind of fun. Consider a journalism prof