Tragedy in the age of lies

Few online trends are as nauseating as the “false flag” conspiracy theories that mock genuine tragedies. It’s especially abhorrent that these virtual bottom-feeders rally around the singularly heartbreaking 2012 elementary school shooting at Newtown, Conn.

Trump and Putin’s do-si-do

It’s a given that political candidates will target each other with as much oppositional propaganda as they can get away with. But with the Kremlin now playing a third-party shadow role in U.S. elections, the usual game seems to be shifting from blood sport to cold war.

If not for the unspoken women …

In a matter of hours Wednesday, an Illinois state lawmaker went from a rising star in the Republican Party to the subject of news releases calling for his resignation. Rep. Nick Sauer stepped down after a news outlet published allegations he engaged in “revenge porn.”

Trump is winning his crusade against asylum seekers

Here’s the cold, hard, disheartening reality about the Trump administration’s policies toward those arriving at the nation’s borders seeking asylum: Many more people with legitimate claims are likely being sent home to perilous conditions despite federal and international laws recognizing the right of the persecuted to seek sanctuary in other countries. That is unconscionable.

A California election could catalyze K-12 improvements — and perhaps end the state’s ‘dance of the lemons’

LOS ANGELES — November’s congressional elections will decide which party will control a narcoleptic institution that is uninterested in performing fundamental functions: Only 43 of the 535 House and Senate seats — 10 in the Senate, 33 in the House — are occupied by legislators who were serving in 1996, the last time Congress obeyed the law requiring it to pass all appropriations bills before the Oct. 1 beginning of the fiscal year.