Let them eat Trump steaks

In general, Donald Trump is notoriously uninterested in policy details. It has long been obvious, for example, that he never bothered to find out what his one major legislative victory, the 2017 tax cut, actually did. Similarly, it’s pretty clear that he had no idea what was actually in the Iran agreement he just repudiated.

A new threat to migratory birds

Passenger pigeons used to be so abundant in North America that migrating flocks blocked out the sun. At one time, the continent was home to an estimated 5 billion of the birds. But by the early part of the 20th century, the number was zero. Human predation had brought about their extinction.

When employees don’t get the racial-bias message, disaster looms for business

What is it about “shopping while black” that’s so hard for some store employees to understand? This month, two troubling incidents involving African-Americans at local retail outlets should prompt employers to offer a refresher course on customer relations. It should be made crystal clear that it’s not just morally wrong but catastrophic for business when people assume that skin color equates with potential criminality.

After nixing the Iran nuclear deal, is containment our only option?

WASHINGTON — The path to today’s problems with Iran passed through the University of Chicago squash court where on Dec. 2, 1942, for 4 1/2 minutes physicist Enrico Fermi, making calculations on a slide rule, achieved the controlled release of energy from an atomic nucleus. Historian Richard Rhodes says that Fermi and his colleagues were risking “a small Chernobyl in the midst of a crowded city.”

Senate Democrats move to revive net neutrality rules — the wrong way

Senate Democrats opened up a new front Wednesday in the fight to preserve the internet from interference by the broadband providers that control its on-ramps. But as good as it was to see them push back against the wrongheaded approach taken by the new Republican majority on the Federal Communications Commission, the maneuver is likely to be more of a distraction than a solution.