Paul Ryan has been living in a cave

WASHINGTON — So now we know how House Speaker Paul Ryan has remained sane during the Trump era. He’s been living in a cave. Without internet or TV. Out of range of cell service, newspaper delivery and carrier pigeons. With blindfold on eyes, cotton in ears and head in sand.

You may owe your job to trade deficits

If all you knew about trade came from President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, you might just conclude that our trading partners have been blindly ripping off the United States for decades.

Trump-Kim accord is big on symbolism, short on specifics

Considering the rarity of President Donald Trump departing any recent summit meeting with a smile on his face, Tuesday’s session with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was remarkable for the mere fact that it happened — and ended cordially. Whether it proves a historic achievement depends on whether Kim honors his commitments.

Trump’s cult of barbarism

“It’s becoming a cultish thing, isn’t it?” Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., mused this last week about his Republican Party under President Trump.

Trump should support an end to pot prohibition

Washington and other states with legal marijuana laws need clarity from the federal government. In a break from his attorney general, President Donald Trump now appears ready to provide it. On Friday, the president said he “probably will end up supporting” a bill in Congress to keep the federal government from interfering in states with legal pot laws.