Let’s Talk Food: Are you prepared for a disaster?

April is Tsunami Awareness Month and very important to our family. My sister and I were raised by a mother who was washed away by the 1946 tsunami and lost her mother, father, niece and nephew. When the waves subsided, my mother had no clothes except what she was wearing, no parents and no home. That incident had a lasting effect on her when raising us, as she taught us to always be prepared with food.

Tropical Gardening: Global warming means palms in surprising places

A visit to Hawaii is the treat of a lifetime to millions of people a year, and many folks who come are friends or relatives of those of us who live here. One of the highlights for them is to experience the lush tropical gardens and forests that are unlike any place in the continental United States.

Italy’s robot concierge a novelty on the way to better AI

PESCHIERA DEL GARDA, Italy — Robby Pepper can answer questions in Italian, English and German. Billed as Italy’s first robot concierge, the humanoid will be deployed all season at a hotel on the popular Lake Garda to help relieve the desk staff of simple, repetitive questions.