Homegirl Cafe offers ‘platos’ by ex-gang members with hope

LOS ANGELES — In a different time, at another place, and under other circumstances, you might have run away from Latisha Valenzuela and Glenda Alvarenga. But at Homegirl Cafe, a Los Angeles breakfast and lunch spot with a Latino twist, the two waitresses welcome you with smiles and friendship.

A testament to the Andean gods survives in Bolivia’s capital

LA PAZ, Bolivia — At the Witches’ Market in Bolivia’s capital city, llama fetuses hang above stalls as offerings to the mother earth spirit known as Pachamama. Tourists and residents line up to buy medicinal plants to heal their bodies and ward off curses, while “yatiris,” or indigenous healers, offer to read their fortunes on coca leaves. Incense perfumes the air.