Bishop declares nun’s recovery as 70th Lourdes miracle

PARIS — A French bishop declared Sunday that the recovery a long-debilitated nun made after she visited the shrine in Lourdes was a miracle, the 70th event to be recognized as an act of divine intervention at the world-famous Catholic pilgrimage site.

Mardi Gras: New Orleans throws big bash of parades, partying

NEW ORLEANS — Tens of thousands of revelers thronged Mardi Gras festivities, many yelling “throw me something, Mister!” in the universal call to float riders who tossed them coveted beads and trinkets on Tuesday’s raucous finale to Carnival season in New Orleans.

Tropical Gardening: Ring in spring with flowering bulbs

During this season of the year, most mainland gardeners become bulb conscious. Even in Hawaii, garden magazines and garden supply stores now are featuring bulb advertisements and displays. Gladiolus, cannas, gloxinias, tuberous begonias, callas, amaryllis and caladiums are just a few of the many types available.

German nationalist, Muslim convert: Politician is both

POTSDAM, Germany — Arthur Wagner has been many things in life: a child in the Soviet Union, a migrant in Germany, a devout Christian, an alcoholic, a truck driver and a committed member of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party. Earlier this month, Wagner surprised his party colleagues by announcing that he’d converted to Islam.