Let’s Talk Food: Foods that relieve stress

As the Kilauea eruption continues to impact Leilani Estates, water restrictions are in place for Kapoho Beach Lots, Lanipuna Gardens, Pohoiki Bay Estates, Garden Lake Farm Lots, Vacationland, Pohoiki and Kalapana. More than 1,200 earthquakes a week are shaking us without warning, there are cracks on Highway 130 and we are all facing some kind of stress.

Foods for the prevention of osteoporosis

As we age, the density of our bones naturally decreases because of a gradual loss of minerals. When that mineral loss is severe, a condition called osteoporosis occurs and is more common in women after menopause.

Let’s Talk Food: Are you prepared for a disaster?

April is Tsunami Awareness Month and very important to our family. My sister and I were raised by a mother who was washed away by the 1946 tsunami and lost her mother, father, niece and nephew. When the waves subsided, my mother had no clothes except what she was wearing, no parents and no home. That incident had a lasting effect on her when raising us, as she taught us to always be prepared with food.

Let’s Talk Food: A foodie at Vintage Cave Cafe

Spending a night in Honolulu and finding a nice place to dine with a 3-year-old grandson is a challenge. We walked from one end of Ala Moana Shopping Center to the other end, trying to decide where we should eat.

Let’s Talk Food: Hawaii Community College’s five-course dinner

Hawaii Community College’s Culinary Arts Program has been in existence since 1952, preparing students “to achieve excellence in their career.” Currently, there are 63 students enrolled in the program at the Hilo and Palamanui campuses. Ninety percent of the college’s students are from Hawaii Island, and 78 percent of the alumni stay on the island. Our community has a vested interest in the college, as many of us depend on HCC’s graduates as future employees.