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Let’s Talk Food: Happenings at Kilauea Lodge

Kurt Nelson was named chef of Kilauea Lodge by Highway West, the new owners. Lorna and Albert Jeyte retired after many years of hard work. It will be nice to invite them to dinner and know that Albert will be there. He missed so many dinners with us because he had to work because someone called in sick or didn’t show up in the kitchen.

Let’s Talk Food: Casseroles of the past

I received a very nice note in the mail from Mildred Winans, who said she had a double metal file of recipes, many of them from Hawaii Electric Light Co., where she worked as a home economist with Betty Jo Thompson and Masako Kuwaye. Mildred wanted a good home for her many years of recipes, so she asked me to pick them up.

Let’s Talk Food: The versatile beet

Chef Agustin Rios of Ponds Hilo restaurant asked me to write about beets. If I haven’t already, it might be because, although I love them, they are not my husband Jim’s favorite food.

Let’s Talk Food: Foods that relieve stress

As the Kilauea eruption continues to impact Leilani Estates, water restrictions are in place for Kapoho Beach Lots, Lanipuna Gardens, Pohoiki Bay Estates, Garden Lake Farm Lots, Vacationland, Pohoiki and Kalapana. More than 1,200 earthquakes a week are shaking us without warning, there are cracks on Highway 130 and we are all facing some kind of stress.